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Campo’s On The Spot is a family owned and operated business. We pay our employees at or above the average salary for industry standards. This means we have little to no employee turnover. So, if you like a certain technician the first time, just ask for him and he will be the guy we send.
This is our company. We try to put our pictures in all of our advertisements. All of our guys will be clean and in uniform when they arrive at your home or business. We want you to see a face you can trust. To me, if a company is too embarrassed to put a face in their ad or website, they must be trying to hide something and you probably wouldn’t call them if they did. 

We Would Like You to Know Who's Coming Into Your Home



Gary is Cecilia's husband and showed interest in our business early in their relationship.  It wasn't long before he left his job as a pipefitter and was in the field making house calls on his own.  The future at Campo's is very bright.

Founders: David & Darlene Campo

David started working for a competitor in 1986 at the age of 20. He saw a lot of money going through his hands, but took very little home. He saw an opportunity to bring a more equitable (share the wealth) business model to the company. He found that if you bring a certain professionalism and give the customers more than they expect, they will use you again. So the phone started ringing. These were the days before cell phones. David could not be cleaning carpet and answering the phone at the same time, so Darlene retired from her bookkeeping job and became the office manager, receptionist, accountant, and even climbed in the truck to help with after-hour jobs.

This is Harold DeLaune

Harold is Darlene’s brother. Soon after we started, we were turning down jobs because we just could not get to them. This is when Harold left a prominent job in the computer-industry to help grow our business. He and his wife have 4 children, and have lived in LA locally for all their lives.

This is our son Cole Campo

​Cole is a student at Nicholls State University.  He mastered everything we do here at Campo's.  When he left for school, we set him up with a carpet cleaning trailer so he could service customers in Thibodaux and surrounding areas.

Young Cole

From day one, he was always "Daddy's little helper."  When Cole was  3 yrs old, he was already into the family business.  When he was growing up, I would tell all my friends that Cole already had his first car, "A Carpet Cleaning Van."  Well they all laughed, but who's laughing now.

This​ is our daughter Cecilia Campo

This is Gary Falcon

Cecilia is a RPCC graduate.  She may have not always wanted to be a carpet cleaner, but it's in her blood.  She is the person you are most likely to talk to when you call for assistance on whatever type of project you may need help with.  ​


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